The Department offers a wide range of educational programs, consisting of two undergraduate courses, four master's degree courses, including one international, and two doctoral programs.

Specifically, the Department oversees the two bachelor's degree programs in Environmental Science and Technology and Geological Science and Technology, both of which are open-access.

In addition to the undergraduate degrees, there are four master's degree programs, one of which is international:

  • Marine Sciences (international)
  • Environmental and Territorial Science and Technology
  • Chemical Science and Technology
  • Geological Science and Technology

Regarding postgraduate education, the Department offers the Doctoral Program in Chemical, Geological, and Environmental Sciences and the Doctoral Program in Marine Sciences: Technologies and Management.

The Department ensures that all study programs have extensive and modern laboratory facilities, guaranteeing up-to-date and high-quality education.

N.B.: The Bachelor's Degree Program in Chemical Science and Technology is offered by the Department of Materials Science.

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