Teaching plan

The teaching plan for the PhD Course in Chemical, Geological and Environmental Sciences includes intercurricular courses and specific courses for the different curricula. Each PhD student has to attend at least 100 hours of teaching for a total of at least 8 ECTS (including at least 2 ECTS of interdisciplinary courses and at least 4 ECTS of intecurricular and/or curricular courses offered by the teaching plan of the doctoral Course in Chemical, Geological and Environmental Sciences, as listed below).

Each Ph.D. student is expected to spend a period of at least 6 months abroad (12 months in case of collaboration agreements on a double Ph.D. degree), upon authorization of the Teacher Board. Scholarship holders can apply for a 50% increase in the scholarship for the entire duration of their stay abroad. The maximum allowed period of stay abroad is 18 months. During the Ph.D. program, the Ph.D. student will have to publish the results of their research in peer reviewed ISI journals.

Previous years' teaching plan