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Raman microspectroscopy Lab.

Spettrometro Raman

Lab. Head: Prof. Maria Luce Frezzotti (



Location: U3 building, floor -2, room 2140


Raman spectrometer Horiba Jobin Yvon LabRAM HR Evolution. The system is equipped with an Olympus BXFM microscope for petrographic observations in transmitted and reflected light, connected to a 5Mpx camera (objectives: 5X, 10X, LWD 50X e 100X, spot of about 1 µm). The presence of a motorized sample holder and of a confocal system allows the acquisition of profiles and bi- and tri-dimensional maps. The stage is compatible with a LINKAM THMS600 heating/freezing system for fluid inclusions studies.

The spectrometer has focal distance of 800 mm, it is provided with a green Nd laser (532 nm, 300mW power), two diffraction gratings (1800 and 600 grooves/mm), and a CCD detector (1024 x 256 px, -60°C). It is also provided with a nine heels filters system (100%, 50%, 25%, 10%, 5%, 3%, 1%, 0,1% e 0,01%), combined with EDGE and ULF (Ultra Low Frequency) filters.

The system is connected with a PC station provided with the Labspec 6 software in Windows 10 environment.


Analyses of Raman spectra on natural samples and thin/thick double polished sections. Acquisition of 2D and 3D maps, and spectral profiles.

For the cost of the laboratory analyses consult the price list (ZA - Microspettroscopia Raman).

Research projects in progress

• Carbon cycling and Earth control on the livable planet: connecting deep key carbon sources to surface CO2 degassing by transfer processes - Connect4Carbon”. PRIN2017LMNLAW

diagramma a blocchi con organizzazione del progetto

Schematic representation of the project strategy: five Research Units (RU) are involved and organised in three working packages. Image from site.

• Fluids drive the evolution of the continental crust: influence of pathway, neworks, fluxes, and time scales - Fluid Net. MSCA-ITN 956127 2021

immagine di inclusioni fluide

Figures by Frezzotti (2019; Nature Geosciences). a- Distribution of fluid inclusions in garnet cores (grt; blue dotted line). b- Aqueous fluid inclusions containing diamond (dmd), Mg-calcite (Mg-cc), and rutile (rt). c- Schematic formation pathway for diamonds from dissolved organic and inorganic carbon compounds in deep hydrous fluids.

• “Global patterns and predictors of microplastic occurrence and abundance in lentic systems”– PI: Research Group of Ecology and Management of Freshwater Ecosystems, DISAT – UNIMIB

• Raman Spectroscopic Study of Apollo 11 melt inclusions – CAPTEM request #3148

microfotografia di inclusione vetrosa in olivina

Photomicrograph of a melt inclusion hosted in a olivine of a lunar basalt (Apollo 11 mission) taken using transmitted light.

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