Third Mission

The Third Mission of the Department consists of enhancing the transfer of results and skills gained in teaching and university research activities into useful and necessary knowledge for the world of production, professions, public administrations, or for civil and social purposes.

Thanks to the multiple and cross-cutting skills of professors, researchers, and technical staff, the Department develops numerous services and collaboration activities with public and private institutions, businesses, and professionals that collectively represent the socio-economic context of reference.

Also active as a service center, the Department of Environmental and Earth Sciences offers analytical, measurement, and characterization services to companies and individuals (third-party activities). Other activities that the Department carries out in this context include commissioned research and consulting services. Additionally, the Department has filed several patents and launched some spin-offs.

Equally important is the department's activity in the so-called Public Engagement, which involves ongoing training for businesses, administrations, schools, and scientific dissemination in society through participation in scientific festivals, television and radio broadcasts, and public outreach activities.